Field Visits As Easy as 1-2-3

Action Card cuts the store visit into a 3 step process. As a field manager, business consultant or district manager – your jobs involves lots of communication and paperwork. What starts off as a simple task of scoring a location easy turns into a 4-hour ordeal. Between calculating scores, printing and signing the… Read More

3 Reasons Your Store Hates Your Review Process

Every company will have their own store or location review process, and they are certainly not all made equal. We can all agree that reviews are 100% necessary for maintaining consistency and quality throughout a brand, but how much follow through or attention to the effectiveness of our processes is… Read More

The Importance of Brand Consistency

                        We all have our favorite brands and we’ve probably been loyal to those brands for years. But why? Simply put, it’s because we trust them. Our favorite brands never let us down, they provide a certain level of… Read More

Volano Solutions Featured in Silicon Prairie News

Volano’s Rod Smith and Don Stavneak: “Don’t undervalue your product” June 9, 2015  Ryan Pendell  Silicon Prairie News In 2007, Rod Smith and Don Stavneak started Volano Solutions, a custom software development company. In 2012, they developed their first stand-alone product,Steelwool. They learned a lot from the experience. “One of… Read More

Providing feedback during your site visits. Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Providing feedback during your site visits. Four Questions to Ask Yourself During my days as a field compliance auditor and then onto district management, I had a lot riding on my shoulders. Traveling store to store, completing evaluations, relaying that information to senior management and monitoring progress was quite the… Read More

Action Card Feature Spotlight – Document Library

Checklists, Oh My! As most multi-unit operators can attest – we have mountains of data, spreadsheets, checklists, forms, documents, planograms, 3-ring binders (I could go on and on!) to help in the day to day management of our businesses. Each of these have their purpose and are quite important to… Read More

Action Card Welcomes Tim Schuman to the Team

Action Card is excited to announce the hiring of Tim Schuman, who will oversee Action Card sales and customer success management. We asked him a few questions recently. We’re excited to leverage Tim’s experience to both grow Action Card and help our clients maximize the app and their field personnel. … Read More

5 Lessons in Marketing Saas Product

Marketing a product or service in general can get pretty hectic but Saas product can be even more complicated. Learning about marketing and selling Action Card has been an education and we thought we’d share some takeaways. Saas stands for Software as a Service. This is a relatively newer model… Read More

Volano Solutions and Action Card Updates

Off and Running 2015 is off to a great start for Action Card creator Volano Solutions and there was no better way to kick off the year than to be recognized by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce for small business of the month. We are actively looking for software developers,… Read More

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Are you Cut Out for Franchise Ownership?

Analyzing Franchise Opportunities I worked with a lot of people who were interested in buying and owning a franchise during my days at 1-800-Radiator.  In a way I lived vicariously through these people who were at that point in their life where they were ready emotionally and financially to own… Read More