Why it’s time to embrace technology in your c-store

The convenience store industry is changing rapidly and facing growing challenges. A labor shortage and fight for higher wages is placing huge demand on the industry’s smaller operators to grow sales and create smooth, positive customer experiences so they feel comfortable spending more. 

Offering the newest products and hitting the right price points is only one approach c-store operators will need to take in order to be competitive and bring in the customers that will remain loyal. 

The greatest level of change small operators must embrace is upgrading their technology and integrating it into their daily business practices. Typically operators that hold one to 10 stores won’t have the budget to invest in technology at the same level as larger national operators, however technology investments play a larger role in defending and growing small operator market share. It’s important for smaller operators to remember that every store’s needs are different, simply because a competitor uses a tech tool or program doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for their business. 

Choosing the correct technology to implement is difficult because small operators usually require a higher ROI or return on investment than their larger competitors. This also means that ROI needs to be achieved in a shorter time-frame. Experiments can be interesting, but fixing the most prominent problems will pay off the most. 

With the right implementation and tool, small operators can expect to gain:

Embracing technology can be intimidating, but if operators ask the right questions and identify the correct problems to address first, integrating technology into daily operations can be rather simple and stress-free. 

Action Card App location dashboard

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