Drive operational efficiency with an automated schedule of store-level tasks and checklists. Action Card gives you the ability to outline exactly how you want the operation to run with instant notifications to alert when things aren’t as prescribed.

action card checklist on tablet
action card mobile notifications

Consistent Operations

Prescribe a system of tasks and procedures for the operation. Give management the confidence to run a successful shift via scheduled and time-sensitive checklists

A Clear Vantage Point

Gain complete operational visibility. Know that your team is executing the operational mission every day!

Communication is Key

Receive critical alerts via email & notifications for overdue or incomplete tasks.
Share notes internally via the location Notebook

action card dashboard reporting
action card location notes for managers

Reward Behavior

Checklists and Tasks can be scored and attributed to any team member. Award staff for task completion

Historical Reporting

Take a look back over time to understand task completion rates by Region, District, Location and even team member

Rapid Deployment

Fully configurable for every stores needs. Deploy updates to checklists or tasks instantaneously. No need to get anther book printed!