New Feature Release – March 2021

Here are the details on our latest release. Please make sure your device is set to auto-update as you will pick up all the new features with the newest download of Action Card. This release was focused on the strengthening the process of transmitting your data to our servers. We also added the capability to schedule Reviews. Here’s an outline of the new additions:

  1. Sync Updates

  2. Scheduled Reviews

  3. Help Menu

Data Sync messaging in-app

We’ve added visuals to our mobile application to illustrate to the user when review or checklist data is being synced.  Upon submitting a template, the application will display a progress bar showing the sync completion percentage for that review or checklist.  Press “Continue” to remove the visual overlay and resume working.

Scheduled Reviews

Reviews can now be scheduled for completion, either once or set on a recurring basis.  Program all the details of your schedule, including when the review is created and when it expires.  Because reviews can be schedule to be performed during a specific window of time, Action Card will send a reminder for start times as well as complete or incomplete notifications.  Additionally,  each user will receive a summary report for schedule completion rates in their daily and weekly summaries.


Users can manage and view their past week / next week of schedules, in addition to viewing schedules currently in-progress under our new Reviews dashboard.



Help Menu

The Help Menu is now moved from the top right-hand corner of both web and mobile applications to the left-hand menu. Three options are available in this menu: Submit a Ticket, a direct line to our office, and a option to connect your Thermoworks, Bluetooth Thermometer.