4 Ways to Make Checking Out A Breeze

A slow checkout experience will make your customers regret stepping foot in your store. That’s harsh, we know, but true. The entire curated customer experience in your store can be broken in an instant by an unmanned or womanned register, slow line, complicated POS system or an unenthusiastic cashier. It’s a headache for the customer and your store because when customers are held up, so is your cash flow and foot traffic. 

Here are 5 ways you can make the checkout process a breeze for your customers and boost your customer experience.

1. Use an integrated point of sale system

There are too many positive attributes to list in one article, but a handful of the ways you can benefit from a POS are:

  • Reduced human error
  • Loyalty programs synced with purchase history
  • Increased data and analytics to identify hot-selling items
  • Inventory management capabilities
  • Detailed receipts

At the end of the day, a POS system can make your checkout process more efficient, free up time for your employees, and get your customers through the line quickly and comfortably.

2. Enable a wide variety of payments

Shoppers are moving away from cash and check payments. By enabling customers to use more payment types, you’ll increase your revenue and customize the checkout process to every shopper. Payment types like chip cards, mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay or Android Pay, and contactless payments with a phone or card are quickly becoming the norm. Not limiting your customers will have an instant positive effect on customer satisfaction. 

3. Cut the cord on taking payments

Not every retail store requires a large countertop checkout. Depending on the products you sell, a mobile, cloud payment system can allow your employees to help customers where they stand, saving time by eliminating lines, opening up product space and improving traffic flow. 

Arming employees with phones or small tablets is a perfect way to be there when your customers are ready to make a purchase. It’s also a great way to add items to a sale when you can interact with products at the time of purchase. 

4. Email and text receipts

Most POS systems now come equipped to offer email and text message receipt delivery. Use the tool to save your customers time and, more importantly, improve your business’s sustainability. Skip the Slip is an effort to crack down on companies with the most environmental impact from receipts. 

Getting the customer’s email can even help boost your marketing efforts by having the ability to deliver new product offers and events to boost sales. 

Be sure to pay close attention to your receipt request process. Too many questions or confusing scripts and buttons can frustrate customers easily. Keep the process short and easy to read. 

Final words

Long lines just aren’t good. Not for customers and not for your bottom line. With the right technology and approach, you’ll save your customers heartache, time, and be able to face your busiest hours with confidence. Follow these 4 suggestions and you’ll provide a great purchase with an even better experience every time.