New Feature Release – August 2020

Here are the details on our latest release. Please make sure your device is set to auto-update as you will pick up all the new features with the newest download of Action Card. This release was focused on the integration of the ThermoWorks® line of products and allowing Action Card to help track all of your food safety procedures. Here’s an outline of the new additions:

  1. ThermoWorks® Thermometer integration

  2. Temperature tracking & infraction log

  3. Temperature out of range alerts

  4. NEW Location reporting page

ThermoWorks Thermometer Integration

Action Card partnered with ThermoWorks® to integrate their products allowing for fool-proof temperature tracking for all of your line checks, temp checks and any other in-store temperature needs. Here is a quick look at each device that is approved for use with Action Card:

Thermapen® Blue            TempTest Blue                BlueTherm® One                  RayTemp Blue





Temperature tracking & infraction log

If you plan to utilize Action Card to track temperatures within your operation, the new Location reporting pages will have a Temperature log available to better understand if a location has critical items out of their designated temperature range.



Temperature Alerts

With the addition of temperatures into Action Card, we felt it was necessary to alert the proper members of management if a temperature was recorded that is out of its appropriate range. Each question/temperature capture can be programmed independently to notify based on the response collected from the store.




NEW Location reporting page

We have added some key components to the Location-based reporting module in Action Card. Location reporting is available from the side menu in both your web browser and also the application. We’ve added 4 new reporting windows that allow you to see the most current statistics on a specific location including: Days since last visit (review), Unresolved Action Items, % Checklists complete in last 7 days and Temperatures out of range. Each window allows the user to click and research statistics further including each graph just below each blue “bubble”.