New Feature Release – April 2021

Here are the details on our latest release. Please make sure your device is set to auto-update as you will pick up all the new features with the newest download of Action Card.  Our April 2021 release is lighter than previous versions, with the addition of a Picture Only question… Read More

What’s New? Action Card Latest Updates

We’ve been hard at work, adding new features to the current version of Action Card.  Below are descriptions of the new features and a link to view a detailed, video tutorial.  If you’d like additional help, please email us at or call 402.934.3733. Automatic N/A Users now have the… Read More

Action Card Updates! Coming September 14th

  Action Card has made life a lot easier for many organizations: speeding up the compliance, inspection process, making reviews easier to conduct, and most importantly, facilitating the collaboration of all levels of management.  We take pride in our work and value every opportunity to grow and develop our product.  In our… Read More

5 Ways Field Managers can Promote Success

Field management can be a very fulfilling career, but at times it can be very difficult.  Finding the right balance in authority and friendliness often poses a challenge.  We’ve come up with five behaviors that field managers can exhibit to add value to their business. Think business. Field managers should… Read More

Get Smart with Action Card

A bicycle can’t stand alone because it is two-tired… Get it? Hey, Charlie from Action Card here. Hope you all enjoy clever, but completely irrelevant jokes – I know I do. What I really want to discuss with you is the latest and greatest from Action Card, aka our newest… Read More

Meet Charlie Nunn

Action Card is excited to announce the addition of Charlie Nunn, who will fill the role of Client Success Manager.  Charlie will be assisting customers to expand their usage and adoption of Action Card, providing resources to answer questions, identifying needs for customization, and ensuring customers are satisfied and expectations… Read More