Feature Spotlight – Messages

What are Messages? Messages are actionable tasks that can be assigned to locations or users.  Similar to Action Items, recipients must take action with the goal of the task being approved and closed. How do they work? A user creates the Message and determines the contents of the task, such… Read More

New Feature Release – Action Center Redesign

Our latest update is a redesign of our Action Center, hub for all things Action Item related. Our goal was to streamline the ability to navigate, take action and approve action items in a centralized area. At the moment, users are able to try out the new version of the… Read More

New Feature Release – April 2021

Here are the details on our latest release. Please make sure your device is set to auto-update as you will pick up all the new features with the newest download of Action Card.  Our April 2021 release is lighter than previous versions, with the addition of a Picture Only question… Read More

How to conduct a food safety audit … the right way

Over the last few years, convenience stores have evolved to be hubs for quick, easy meals and snacks. When you’re on the go, making multiple stops between restaurants, convenience stores and markets just isn’t an effective use of time. So, many c-stores have added food service to their offerings. Casey’s… Read More

Spook-tacular Halloween Retail Strategies

Halloween is one of the largest commercial holidays in the U.S. The National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will spend up to $8.8 billion this year and each person is expected to spend about $86 on average for the holiday.  Seasonal retail pop-ups like Spirit Halloween have turned selling holiday-specific… Read More

3 Ways Retailers Can Collect More Customer Feedback

Collecting and analyzing customer feedback provides powerful insight into what your customers want and need and what your customer experience is really like. The knowledge gained can help you improve and craft your service or product around your customer needs. Seth Godin, a leader in the marketing industry, teaches that… Read More

Reduce Restaurant Labor Costs in 5 Ways

Equipment, utilities, food products, point-of-sale (POS) systems and labor make up the 5 largest branches of restaurant costs. Some are easier to control than others. You may be able to purchase an older version dishwasher or grill. Food prices can be adjusted. But then there are labor costs. Controlling your… Read More

How to Increase Employee Productivity Amid High Turnover

Unemployment proved to be the lowest in nearly 50 years in September of 2018 at 3.7% nationally. That rate has held steady through the first quarter of 2019. Despite the drop, People Report warns that low unemployment has not reduced staffing pressure on customer service business leaders. With an increase… Read More

Checklists Getting Lost in the Shuffle?

Restaurants, retail and convenience stores spend thousands of dollars and countless hours creating procedures to ensure their storefronts are managed effectively and daily tasks are regularly completed. Traditional methods of tracking these checklists and tasks on paper and non-collaborative channels present problems for business leaders and there are more than… Read More

Are You Guilty of These Common Merchandising Mistakes?

The winter holiday season has ended. Now is the time when many retailers are running sales to clear out cold weather products, or back-stock from the holiday season. They’re trying to make space for those fresh spring and summer items but every retailer needs to consider a few common merchandising… Read More