Are You Guilty of These Common Merchandising Mistakes?

The winter holiday season has ended. Now is the time when many retailers are running sales to clear out cold weather products, or back-stock from the holiday season. They’re trying to make space for those fresh spring and summer items but every retailer needs to consider a few common merchandising mistakes when working through the seasonal change. If you’re planning to refresh your store, avoiding these pitfalls can increase your customer’s experience and even deter shoplifting.

1 – Hidden Products & Confusing Layouts

Customers visiting a brick and mortar shop enjoy perusing the aisles and shelves to find new items they haven’t tried, but they’ve come for something. Don’t make finding that something a hassle, or time-consuming. When the customer has to guess where an item is or wander your store looking top to bottom on shelves, conversion rates and sales drop.

You can avoid confusing your shoppers by organizing your store with product categories, and easy to navigate aisles. Place large easy-to-read signage for customers to reference; above end-caps and entry aisles is best.

2 – Not Enough Space

When customers are in a hurry, they need adequate space to move freely and pass through areas with little resistance. You can help your shoppers feel less cramped and even less rushed, simply by giving them space.

If your store offers carts or strollers, be sure to allow plenty of room for the cart and another person to pass side by side. No one wants to bump shoulders, or wait for the traffic to clear. Be aware of your display table and shelving proportions also. Walking around long tables, or having to circle tall shelves can be tedious. Keep it eye level so shoppers can see where they’re going. And keep tables to a reasonable length.

3 – Dusty Fingers or Tilting Shelves

Keep it clean. General housekeeping should be completed daily. Wiping counters, tidying clothes racks, vacuuming and dusting should all be standard practice. Part of the appeal of a physical store is seeing the products in action, in great light, and eye-catching displays. An untidy store can make products feel undervalued, and customers unimpressed.

Remembering what clean-up tasks need to be completed can be hard, and paper lists can be lost or misplaced. The ActionCard App, makes checklists a breeze. You can even reward team members for consistent completion and get notified when things aren’t as they should be.

4 – Unclear Signage

If (and when) you’re running a promotion or special on a popular item, your signage needs to be clear and easy to read. When shoppers can’t tell what product is featured or the what they gain from the deal, you need to rework your display. Promotional signs need to be placed with the product they feature. A good deal isn’t worth much if your customer can’t actually pick up the item.

Not every store needs interactive displays, over-the-top visuals, or gimmicky signs to sell products well. Simple changes and regular check ups on these common merchandising practices can make a powerful impact on the customer experience and sales. Keep your eyes peeled and rethink when necessary.