New Feature Release – April 2021

Here are the details on our latest release. Please make sure your device is set to auto-update as you will pick up all the new features with the newest download of Action Card.  Our April 2021 release is lighter than previous versions, with the addition of a Picture Only question type and background enhancements regarding how the application handles images or files uploaded from gallery, camera, and file explorers.

Picture Only Question Type

An addition to the template builder, the picture only question type looks to capture an image (from the camera or gallery) as the response rather than your standard “yes” or “no”.  For this question type, only images files can be uploaded by the reviewer. Be sure and save your changes to the template after adding or modifying your question(s)!

During the review process, the reviewer will have the option of adding photos from directly from the gallery on the device or taking new ones via camera.  Because there is no text response, be sure to add any notes to caption or further elaborate on the image(s) added to the review.

Don’t Forget About March 2021’s Update!

While this release may be light, our team added a ton of great features during our March 2021 update! Check out last’s months Feature Spotlight article which includes:

  • Scheduling Reviews, including additional notifications and reporting
  • In-app data syncing alerts
  • Updated “Help” menu