Spook-tacular Halloween Retail Strategies

Halloween is one of the largest commercial holidays in the U.S. The National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will spend up to $8.8 billion this year and each person is expected to spend about $86 on average for the holiday. 

Seasonal retail pop-ups like Spirit Halloween have turned selling holiday-specific items like costumes, accessories and decorations into a multi-million dollar business with the majority of their sales happening during the Halloween season. 

The good news is retailers with permanent stores can benefit and turn a profit during the Halloween season even if you don’t only sell holiday-specific items. In this post, we’ll cover a few different ways that you can capitalize on shoppers’ holiday excitement and the Halloween spirit. 

Dress Up the Store

Halloween has always been about more than just candy and scary movies. There’s a lengthy history behind the holiday dating back more than 2,000 years. Your storefront can be dolled up with Halloween decorations and fall themes to pull shoppers in from the cold with a warm atmosphere and some complimentary hot chocolate or cider. 

  • Use fall colors that meld with your store colors. Sometimes pumpkin orange can be a little too bright or harsh. Browns, purples, greens, reds and creams are all colors that fit the Halloween theme and can be used in many different shades to blend with your store’s aesthetic and brand.
  • Create product displays that promote any black items you sell. You may not sell Halloween items, but when your visual merchandising is on point, any product can be a holiday favorite. 
  • Use decorations that can be repurposed throughout the fall season. Using softer colors or less “scary” themed decorations, you can repurpose many of the same materials for Thanksgiving. 
  • Switch up your signage to use Halloween themed terms. Men’s and women’s sections can be renamed as Witches’ and Warlocks’.
  • Fantastical, creative window displays will set your storefront out from the rest. Let’s be honest, the cheap window stickers don’t really scream “we’re fun”. They sort of mumble, “we couldn’t be bothered to be festive”.
Store front decorated for Halloween with purple, cream & black colors.

Drive More Traffic with Curated Events

People love checking out local Halloween attractions. Hold a curated event to pull shoppers into the store for something a little different, but keep them there with a sale. Here are a few ideas:

  • Partner with nearby stores to offer larger events and more attractions. 
  • Do you have a parking lot? Set up a trunk-or-treat. Parents love these attractions for their little monsters. It’s safe, easy to stay warm and they don’t end up carrying little coats and big candy sacks across town. Kids get candy, parents get coupons. 
  • Pick your favorite kids Halloween movie and set up a corner of your store with a few chairs and a TV.
  • Restaurants can hold a costume contest and run a horror-hour where specialty drinks and snacks can be served and discounted if you wear a costume. 

There are endless ways your retail store can get in the holiday spirit. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Halloween is a great time to try something different. It’s important to plan ahead so your Halloween strategies can have the most impact. Get your retail checklist ready, so your store can be up and flying faster with Action Card.  

Action Card is a mobile brand standard software platform built to help your team execute their work efficiently, and promote transparency and a clear vision for the team to follow through on the mission every shift. 

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