Checklists Getting Lost in the Shuffle?


Restaurants, retail and convenience stores spend thousands of dollars and countless hours creating procedures to ensure their storefronts are managed effectively and daily tasks are regularly completed. Traditional methods of tracking these checklists and tasks on paper and non-collaborative channels present problems for business leaders and there are more than a few reasons to go paperless.

Managers, owners, and even shift leads don’t usually have an hour of free time to fill by literally checking off a checklist. How can you know your checklists and tasks aren’t getting ignored? Action Card checklists are the answer and its unique features will increase efficiency and compliance.


Set A Checklist Schedule

Give your management team the ability to focus on what really matters – your customers! The Action Card app lets you set a schedule for each operation and task. Better yet, your team won’t need to remember when and which checklist is needed, it will only serve the list needed at the time they should be tended to. Once completed the list is wiped from the screen and no longer available. That is until the next scheduled time rolls around.

Checklists can also be served only to the team members who need them. Each team member is granted a personal identification number to be applied at the checklist level.


Collaborate with Team Members

The Note log lets each team member leave notes on every checklist and task for management to review. When problems arise there isn’t always time to step away and make a correction. Leaving a note for another team member or leader can let them know work is being done but some additional time may be needed or alerting them to a more serious issue. Once a note is left, it will show when “read” by management so each person can stay informed.


Get Notifications & Critical Alerts

Real-time notifications is one of Action Card’s most valuable features. Managers are notified instantly via push notifications and/or email when a checklist is started, completed or when no actions have been taken. When management isn’t holding their employees accountable issues can’t be fixed, improvements can’t be made, and performance becomes stagnant. With the appropriate notifications, management can intervene at the right time.


Structure is important for any business. Customers expect retail and convenience stores to be clean and stocked. Restaurants must be ready at a moments notice. While checklists have always been essential to being prepared, improvements can always be made. Action Card helps improve efficiency and transparency in every step of opening your store for business, and creating a great experience for your customers.


If you’re interested in exploring Action Card, request a demo! We will provide you an online demonstration and a look into every available tool.