Feature Spotlight – Messages

What are Messages?

Messages are actionable tasks that can be assigned to locations or users.  Similar to Action Items, recipients must take action with the goal of the task being approved and closed.

How do they work?

A user creates the Message and determines the contents of the task, such as recipients, due date, any files or images and the task itself.  After being sent, recipients are alerted of the new Message and it begins to progress through the various stages of an Action Item. Our latest redesign of the Action Center simplifies tracking and follow-up, including the status of each item if multiple recipients were included.

What problem do Messages solve?

Managing time-sensitive tasks via email, phone or even pen and paper can be complicated and messy.  Our web and mobile-based solutions create a centralized environment to manage, track and execute operational tasks. Using Action Card Messages creates efficiencies and adds a layer of transparency to help ensure tasks are completed in accordance with brand standards.