New Feature Release – Action Center Redesign

Our latest update is a redesign of our Action Center, hub for all things Action Item related. Our goal was to streamline the ability to navigate, take action and approve action items in a centralized area. At the moment, users are able to try out the new version of the Action Center on the desktop or website version of Action Card.

Redesign Overview

Action items are organized by status.  As the statuses are updated, the items move to the corresponding tabs. Users are able to also search and filter by key attributes.

With the correct permissions, a user also has the capabilities to perform ‘bulk’ actions, such as dismissing, approving or rejecting 2+ Action Items at a given time.

Taking Action, Approving or Rejecting Action Items

Rather than locating each individual Action Item in a template to take action, approve or reject, users can now perform all 3 tasks within the new Action Center. Clicking on an Action Item or message will prompt a modal in the right side of the page where these actions can be performed. Details from the review, message or survey will be included at the top of the modal such as review feedback, images and the response(s) marked by the reviewer.

Additionally, shortcuts have been added to streamline the approval or rejection process for awaiting approval items. Under the “Awaiting Approval” tab,  Items can be approved or rejected with a single button, or within the Action Item details modal (by clicking on the item).


Don’t forget about Messages! Send actionable tasks, track progress and follow up on outstanding items. Messages are accessible in the Action Center.