7 Reasons to Go Paperless

It’s easy for us to say, “paperless is better”; we sell a product that takes the field visits process -a traditionally paper based process- online. Honestly though, it has nothing to do with us, paperless really is just better for several reasons and we want to talk about ‘em!

24/7 Access

The nice thing about Action Card is that you don’t need to be in that physical office, remember to bring your three-ring binder or your portable file cabinet to look things up. You have access at your fingertips with any device that has access to that thing we call the world wide web.


The standard lock and key that came with our file cabinets are just not enough security today. To be honest, it never was. The loss of intellectual property is very different than the loss of tangible objects. Because it can be so easily duplicated, you never really get it back. The security we can put around online interactions and information far surpasses the security we put around files and paper.


With cloud-based technology and secure admin rights, collaboration is optimized when moved from paper to online. When all relevant members of a team can login and gain access to everything they need instantaneously, projects will obviously be expedited. Collaboration knows  no bounds, which certainly beats scanning, emailing and tracking erroneous changes to important to spreadsheet.

Data Utilization

You may have heard the term “big data” once or a million times. Even small companies are using the data they are collecting every day to connect dots, spot trends, and make business forecasts. The utilization of these mountains of data that we all have access to is virtually impossible with physical files and paper databases.

Storing physical files doesn’t make sense for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the physical space they take up. Business owners pay for every square foot of their space, even the parts that been taken over by bulky, dusty file cabinets.


How many times have you lost that most important document only to spent countless hours looking for it? Yes, I think we’ve all been there a time or two… Utilizing a mobile tool like Action Card allows you to save your work as you go. No loss of time or worry that you’ll misplace the information gathering during time in-location during a visit. 

The Environment

Last, but very certainly not least -going paperless is essential to reducing your business’ carbon footprint. According to a BizTech infographic the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. The waste of each of those workers results in about 2 pounds of paper and cardboard products…each day! Let’s take it easy on Mother Earth, especially with Mother’s Day coming just around the corner.

Going paperless in business is essential for so many reasons. But we get it, it’s not that easy, you have to find the right tools and processes to move each element into the digital world. We don’t have a solution for all of them, but we most certainly have the solution for taking your field visit process paperless -Action Card. Let’s talk about what the Action Card app can do for your field visit process.