The Impact of Great Customer Service in Your Coffee House

So far on the Action Card blog, we’ve covered keeping your convenience store customers coming back and what factors entice customer loyalty in a smart device retail store. Now, it’s time for the coffee houses out there! There are plenty of places to grab a cup of joe, so what makes your place different? Ironically, one of the most effective differentiators is consistency.

Let’s take one of the big players for instance, Starbucks. No matter where you are in the state, country, world, you know exactly what to expect. That is exactly what instills brand loyalty and creates brand ambassadors.

While there are several factors at play in the brand experience, customer service/satisfaction will always hold the most weight. A Harvard Business School study on Starbucks reports customer satisfaction has a big impact on revenue. Duh, right? Well, you might be surprised just how direct the correlation is. The study found that a satisfied customer visits 4.3 times per month, spends $4.06 per visit, and is retained as a loyal customer for 4.4 years. When we take a step up and look at highly satisfied customers, they visit 7.2 times per month, spend $4.42 per visit, and are retained for 8.3 years.

When you do the math, getting customers from satisfied to highly satisfied has a significant impact on your bottom line. That seemingly small step represents an 82% sales increase. We’re talking about one of the cheapest, most effective ways to increase sales.

Field visits are a great opportunity to reinforce great customer service in your coffee house, especially when you’re utilizing Action Card.

Customizable Reviews

With Action Card’s customizable reviews, you can focus your field visits on whatever is most important to you and your consumers…like, say, customer service! With a focus on customer service, you can document employee/customer interactions, measure, and improve. You can review things like customer wait times, employee dialogue, speed of service, and quality of product.

Image Feature

A major part of customer service in the coffee house industry is keeping it clean and organized. Especially during peak hours, this can be really tough to enforce. We suggest conducting a few of your field visits during these peak hours and documenting through images what the bulk of your customers are experiencing. Now you can see what the counters, tables, and drink stations look like during the most lucrative hours of the day.

Transparent Reporting

With Action Card’s cloud-based reporting, there are no more surprises. Leadership is able to see when and where each location struggles with offering great service. Just as importantly, you can identify customer service success and the rockstar employees making it happen. Reinforcing the positive behaviors behind your counters is just as important as catching the issues.

It’s one thing to train your team how to deliver stellar customer service, it’s quite another to enforce it. Action Card helps enforce, document and measure customer service issues and successes. Want to talk about how Action Card can get your coffee house customers from satisfied to highly satisfied? Let’s talk today!