Part Two: How to Handle a Rogue Franchisee

Last week we discussed rogue franchisees and the potential problems that could arise when a franchisee decides to go off on their own. We also discussed the importance of brand consistency, why consumers depend on it, and why it is smart business. Your business has worked hard to maintain the standards it has set and one rogue franchisee can do a lot of damage. This week we want to look at assessing the damage, creating a plan, and how to bring them back around.

Quality Assurance

The field visit, metrics and customer surveys are what franchisee owners and managers depend on to gauge a given store’s quality assurance. Of these three tools, field visits are by far the strongest, most reliable means of measuring quality. Because standard in quality are such an important factor in creating and retaining your recurring revenue, it only stands to reason that field visits should be of the utmost importance. Regular, streamlined, and consistent field visits are the key here. Then, follow up! What good is tracking and measuring quality if nothing is done to improve upon it, or maintain its consistency?

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Brand Compliance Guidelines Can Help

Another way to eliminate the all too common issue of rogue branding is to have brandguidelines in place and enforced. When your franchise owner creates a flyer, hires a team to develop a website or simply creates designs to share socially, are they meant to get these approved? By who? Who can they look to for assistance if these things aren’t approved? Is there a budget for that?

We know, it’s overwhelming to consider staying ahead of these marketing needs, but when you anticipate them with strong standards and guidelines, there are no blurry lines that can be arbitrarily crossed where your branding is concerned.

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Support Is Crucial

Support is one of the most important things that you can provide your franchisees. As a business develops over time, marketing plans change, business needs pivot, and store owners will require guidance; without it, you’ve got a rogue franchisee on our hands. If they can’t count on timely information and guided support, they’re likely to do their own thing. It’s not a matter of sabotage, it’s a matter of the want to run a successful business.

How are you currently supporting your franchises? Is there a process or chain of command in place for digital marketing or campaign questions? Support and guidance by corporate can make sure that everyone is on board and has the same goals when it comes to online marketing.

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