Since 1973, a lot has changed in the Godfather’s franchise, but their field visit operations were still stuck in the 70s. With Godfather’s wild rate of expansion, their leadership knew they would need a stronger system to maintain consistency in marketing and operations. When Action Card met with Godfather’s Director of Franchise Operations, Bruce Just, they were still using multi-part carbon forms to carry out their field visits for hundreds of locations across the country. Just knew their field operators and franchisees needed a better system to ensure compliance and streamline operations. He also knew this field visit operations overhaul couldn’t be too complicated, too costly, or too technically advanced for many of his key field visit operators and franchisees. In addition, the optimal software would be able to integrate with current systems and grow with the quickly expanding franchise. Challenge met.



Bruce Just met with the team at Action Card and a mutually beneficial relationship was hatched. The first step to bringing Godfather’s field visit operations into the now, was to do away with the cumbersome carbon forms, and move the entire process to an integrated, online system. The field visit team and franchisees enjoyed the ease of use of the application. Even those who were initially somewhat resistant to the technology were pleased with the quick and easy transition. Field supervisors were able to create review forms by simply inputting existing form content in the online model for a seamless evolution of the review process.

The relationship between Godfather’s and Action Card grew to be quite the partnership. As Godfather’s was making this operational shift, they demanded more functionality, options and features from us, their new partner. Godfather’s wanted an integrated CRM system, a customer service portal, and the ability to capture online reviews, and they wanted them to all work together. The integrations that were previously provided by third party companies, are now provided by Action Card. Godfather’s pushed the minds behind the Action Card to evolve the product to where it is today.

“Consistency across operations and units is really the foundation of the franchise business model. It’s important for customers in Seattle, Washington to get the same product that they get in Melbourne, Florida.”
-Bruce Just, Director of Franchise Operations for Godfather’s Pizza