4 Tools to Safeguard Your Online Brand

Every business can benefit from the power of social media, online marketing, and the like. Information, opinions and reviews about your business are going to pop up online whether you have established an online presence or not. So you have a choice: you can gain control of your online presence and lead the conversation, or you can watch it unfold without a voice of your own. I think you know what to do…

Action Card helps businesses take control of the physical, more tangible aspects of the brand experience, like customer service, environment, signage, employee performance, and other brick and mortar branding and standards aspects. While these elements will guide sentiments about your brand when your audience takes to the internet, it’s important to know how to take control of your online brand. The following are some tools that we suggest for keeping your online brand safe and squeaky clean.

Google Alerts

Probably the most basic, user-friendly, effective tool you have in your online reputation management arsenal. You can set up customized Google searches that will automatically send a notification when the keywords you specified show up on the search engine. It takes just a few steps, and you can customize how often you receive these alerts and on what communication medium. Best part? It’s totally free. Gotta love Google.


Have you ever Googled your own business and found listing upon listing with inaccurate hours, locations, and contact information? This is what we mean when we say you have an online presence whether you’re managing it or not.

Yext allows you to manage the listings for your business that appear on review and location sites online. Now you can make sure your listing appears correctly, with up to date information by using the PowerListing tool.


Perhaps our favorite tool because of the user interface. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that gives you access to all of your social media networks in one, simple, easy to use dashboard. Hootsuite allows you to schedule social content across all of your platforms, engage with your audience, and track analytics. You can get real-time alerts when your audience is talking about you or engaging with your content. Staying on top of your online brand has never been easier.


This is a great customer service management tool. Action Card is optimal for tracking and improving upon customer service management in the field visit process, but what about the time in between field visits? Try Reputology to get alerts with time-sensitive information about negative customer experiences via email. Reputology send users detailed reports and a summary of the customer feedback being tracked. This way, you can respond quickly, with all the information you need. Bonus: It also integrates with Hootsuite!

You can count on Action Card for on-location field visit and brand management magic, but it’s important to remember a large part of your brand exists online. Try out these cheap or totally free tools to stay in control of the brand you’ve invested so much in. The Action Card team is back every week with fresh content to help you simplify compliance and drive measurable outcomes.