How to Build a Brand That Grows Without You

Well, not totally without you, but we do want to talk about the power of automation, delegation, and technology. You’ve likely got 1,000 things on your to-do list, so what do you say to taking a few of those off the list? That’s what Action Card helps you and your team do; take things off the list!

Now that you’re leaving the paper-based field visit process in the past with your fax machine, it’s time to embrace what automation can do for your organization. Until now, every check box, every report, and every action item had to be manually assigned, monitored, followed up on, etc. That level of responsibility isn’t sustainable and it’s simply no longer necessary.

Implement business systems that can operate independently from you.

Are you currently a hub of information? A bottleneck? A micromanager? Stop hoarding all the information and responsibility and implement systems that allow you to take a hands-off approach to field visit leadership. We realize that very often, taking the time to share information, give context, delegate, and follow up can be too cumbersome. Then, the line of thought, “I’ll just do it myself and it will take less time,” takes over.

You will never be able to delegate and foster capable employees this way. Action Card makes sharing information and delegation of responsibilities simple. Cloud-based technology ensures all relevant parties have access to real-time information, updates and reporting. Automated work queues allow you to set deadlines, assign tasks, and get alerts on the status of action items.

Hire and retain the people that will take things off your plate.

How are you currently tracking location and staff performance? This should be a major part of your field visit process, but if you’re still putting pen to paper, it can be nearly impossible to spot talent trends, identify key employees, or follow documentation on poor performers. Action Card’s robust reporting helps you and your team identify top performers, struggling locations, and trends that will help you be more informed about the talent in your organization. You can even use Action Card’s reporting to strengthen recognition programs and better document problematic areas.

Streamline and automate reporting.

We get why you’re the information hoarder, the bottleneck, the helicopter -the buck stops with you. Letting go sounds great, but what happens when half of your locations go to hell in a handbasket? That’s why you need technology that gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire field visit operations machine: what field visits are on the horizon, which are taking place, what action items are being documented, what trends in data can you take away from this mountain of information you’re collecting.

Action Card’s dashboard and reports make tracking and reporting insanely simple. Action Card takes the information collected from fields visits, and presents them in easy-to-read reports. These reports are templatized, or they can be completely custom. Action Card reports on what you need to know about.

The field visit process doesn’t have to remain the cumbersome, ineffective operation that it once was. With the right technology, you can take control while letting go, leaving more time to connect, foster, and innovate. Want to know more about how Action Card can help build your brand? Let’s talk today.