Why Do We Harp on Consistency?

In the branding world, the difference between good and great is consistency. So, why do we harp on consistency? We want to help build great brands. It’s as simple as that. No great brand started great though. Consistency by definition implies a time span.

Boring and consistent are too often thought of as synonymous. Let’s consider the brand Ford, one of the most consistent brands you can find. Consistency through the decades has made them a household name. So, you can think of consistency as boring, or highly profitable…whatever.

We’ve had a lot to say about how important the customer brand experience is, but there is more to it. Investing in consistency is investing in security, control over perceptions and ultimately, success.

Safeguard Your Investment

Crafting a brand is not cheap. We’ve worked with organizations that have spent tens of thousands of dollars defining their message, setting up their social media presence, and getting the perfect logo and brand standards, only to have their brand diluted by inconsistency and improper use.

Putting safeguards around your branding standards is essential to protecting your investment. Brand consistency can get tough with multiple locations. Is signage being created and displayed properly? Is the store layout the same from one location to the next? Conducting field visits with the Action Card app makes in-store consistency a breeze.

Build Upon Successes

An author at the North Star Marketing put it best when they said, “No one has to guess, ‘I wonder what this Coca-Cola will taste like?’” When someone has a positive experience with your brand, that is an opportunity to create a fan, but again, consistency is the key. If Coca-Cola had good batches and not so good batches, do you think they would have the kind of loyalty they have?

How are you currently building on successful client experiences? Did you know that a thoughtful field visit process can help you identify stores struggling with customer service?

Establish a Voice

No one is digging around your social media or website to find your mission, vision, and values. You have to establish a voice, and make sure it’s felt at every touchpoint with your customers. Are you customer centric? Do you serve your community? Whatever you value, be sure to make that a solid part of your brand. According to Bop Design, 64% of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand.

If you’re like most business owners, great customer service is a value of your organization. How are you doing at relaying that value, standing by it, proving it? The field visit process not only helps you provide consistent customer service, it instills customer service as a vital part of your internal culture.

Would you like to see all of this in action? Better yet, would you like to see all of this in Action Card? We’d love to walk you through a demo and show you the suite of products the Action Card apps offers to enforce consistency. Contact us today!