FAQs about Action Card

We realize that if you’re considering changing your field visit process from the traditional pen and paper system, you’re going to have a few questions. It can be a very daunting prospect to switch up a process or practice. Being the “idea person” is one thing, being the one who gets buy-in and implements that idea is entirely different.

We want to set your mind at ease by answering some of the most common questions we get. The best part is, you don’t even have to talk to anyone!

What is Action Card?

Action Card is an application that allows you to conduct field visit reviews with your smart device instead of spreadsheets, filing cabinets, or scanners. We built this program to make life easier for reviewers by speeding up the process and connecting everyone in real-time, with cloud-based technology.

How many users and locations does it support?

As many as you’ve got! Action Card can support large companies with the same efficiency as the small businesses we started with. With unlimited users and locations, this is a serious solution that can grow with you.

How do I make a case for buy-in from decision makers?

We know it’s not always easy to get buy-in, that’s why we have already created a resource for you hard working field visit managers to help present your case. Transparency, efficiency and results -it’s that simple.

Does Action Card supply the smart devices?

No, we do not. We are however, currently looking into partnerships that could make this an offering in the future. Until then, Action Card clients can take advantage of their network to find the best deals on the latest technology.

Can I demo the app?

Absolutely! The demo is quick, easy and life-changing… okay, not life-changing, but certainly field visit process changing, and isn’t that really the same thing in our line of work? Click here to request a sales pitch-free demo.

Is it available on Apple and Android?

It is available on both Apple and Android devices on tablets and phones! And Action Card 3.0 is hit the airwaves on both web and app this year.

Are the reviews customizable?

They are! We understand that our clients and their customers are never going to be the same. So, we create the app with that in mind, with easily customizable reviews and scoring to fit your brand experience.

Is support free and reliable?

We got you! As an Action Card client, you can reach out to us at 402-934-3733 Monday through Friday or e-mail us at Support@actioncardapp.com. We would love to hear your ideas on how to improve the Action Card concept. We can also help educate your staff on conducting and accessing reviews as you get started. And yes, you will be speaking to live support.

Will my less tech savvy team members have trouble using Action Card?

If they managed not to throw their portable printer/scanner out of the moving car window, they will get this. We created a user interface and login that anyone can navigate.

Is there a storage limit?

Nope! Location data, communications, documents, and images are all securely stored with limitless space, in the cloud, for easy access.

Does the app generate reports for me?

Yes, Action Card will generate customizable reports with ease. You no longer have to collect data on paper, add it to a spreadsheet and manually create reports. Now, multiply that savings of resources by location and number of reviews!

Can I set up access restrictions?

Don’t want your franchisees and business managers being able to see each other’s reviews? Not a problem. With Action Card it is easy to make sure each person sees only what they’re supposed to see. You can easily define user permission levels.

Did we miss anything? Action Card is today’s solution for efficient, effective field visits. Would you like to know more or take a demo. Contact us today!