5 Ways to Use the Action Card Image Feature

Action Card comes with a suite of features to optimize the field visit process, but did you know that each one of those features has the potential to be used to carry out multiple tasks. We like to think of it as the Swiss Army knife of apps.

One of the most useful and dynamic features the Action Card app offers is the image feature. Field visit managers can easily take and upload images to the cloud in real-time with any smart device. Find out how you can get the most out of this Action Card feature.

Documenting Issues

Before the Action Card app, this whole process was run on spreadsheets, bits of paper, and threads upon threads of email. Taking lengthy and concise notes was a big part of this job. How else would the folks back home know exactly what the field visit manager was experiencing and seeing? Well, Action Card presents a better way to document issues -take a picture. Genius right? Instead of taking copious amounts of notes to document and report issues, users can now snap and upload a picture of issues. Now, all relevant parties are alerted to the issue in real-time with the same visual information.

Reconciling Issues

With the same ease, users can document and share the reconciliation of these issues with the snap of a smart device camera. Now, instead of sending a manager out to the location to verify the success of the reconciliation, your team can now all see that the issue has been fixed, simply by sending an image. Accountability is now built into the process and is actually fostered with the right tools.

Documenting and Celebrating Successes

At Action Card, we strongly believe that it is just as important to celebrate successes as it is to identify issues. Far too often the field visit process will focus on the negative. Let’s do away with that, shall we. Identify, celebrate, and share the successes that your locations are experiencing with Action Card’s image feature. Does a display case look like it belongs in a museum of fine art it’s so perfect? Snap a picture and help that manger celebrate a job well done. Did an employee greet a customer in a dynamic, inviting way? Thank them and share what you saw with an inspiring employee pic. Now, not only are you celebrating these successes, you’re documenting them.

Additionally, you can now spot patterns in your positive reviews to highlight rockstar employees, soaring locations and superb managers. Now you know who and where to put your employee satisfaction and retention resources into.

Sharing Standards and Fostering Consistency

How do you currently communicate store specs, specialty displays, or signage? Is it a nice, neat packet you mail off? Can we all agree that while that has gotten us this far, it’s an archaic way of sharing our branding standards and fostering consistency? Instead, share displays and signage with everyone at once with the Action Card image feature. No more snail mail and no more wondering if your branding standards are being upheld. Each location knows exactly what the brand standards are, and you can get visual verification that they have been met in every location. Snap! It’s done.

You Can Count on Accountability

Did we mention that accountability is now built into every step of the field visit process? Yeah, only a million times, right? Well this is important! No step gets missed, no issue goes undocumented and no more drudging through email threads to see if anyone replied or followed up with you and your team. The Action Card dashboard let’s everyone involved see what step of what process each location is on with images! Couldn’t be simpler to stay on task.

How do you use Action Card or how would you use Action Card? We want to hear from you! Are you a fan of the image feature? How can we serve your field visit operations team better? Let us know on any of our social outlets, in the comments or at support@actioncard.com.