How Action Card Can Combat the Top Reasons for Employee Turnover

The Action Card app is a business necessity for several different industries, many of which tend to have higher turnover. What a lot of business leaders don’t realize about Action Card, is the features and benefits offered through the app reach far beyond optimizing just the field visit process. The transparency and increased efficiency have a ripple effect on teams, creating an impact in unexpected areas. One of those areas, is employee retention.

For some businesses employee turnover can be the most costly pain point. Let’s take a look at what Forbes reports as the top two reasons people leave their jobs and how Action Card can help combat these common, costly departures.

You’ve overloaded your best people with too many responsibilities.

While it’s not explicitly said here, the root of this problem is a mixture of failure to communicate and failure to reward. We all know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Meanwhile, the wheel that’s quietly doing all the work with no recognition is getting frustrated, overworked and underappreciated.

Many organizations don’t have any systems or processes for employee recognition and it can be detrimental to their employee engagement. Tracking successes and failures is vital in to employee retention. How else will failures be remedied and successes get celebrated. Action Card’s robust reporting allows leaders to identify top performers, struggling locations and trends that will help you be more informed. Action Card gives business leaders the tools to strengthen recognition programs and better document problematic areas.

Recognition programs not only reward employees with relevant, timely incentives and acknowledgements, they also open up the lines of communication. When an employee feels appreciated, they far more likely to open up about issues, rather than keep quiet as they walk out the door.

You’re a micromanager.

We get it, when the buck stops with you, it’s hard to give over control and encourage accountability -we’ve all been there. That being said, we also know that micromanagement simply does not work for anyone. Managers get burned out and employees get resentful.

When information and accountability are in the tight grips of those in leadership, employees can’t and won’t be held accountable for what they don’t know about. This is why we focus on transparency and accountability going hand in hand. When location managers are fully informed and empowered, they are able to be transparent with their staff, creating a culture of accountability. Expectations are clear, consistent and communicated.

We encourage your whole team to be part of the field visit process. Reviews become actionable when you bring location staff into the process. This establishes a more transparent, accountable review process and better results through education.