The Power of Merchandising: Infographic

Not too long ago merchandising meant making sure the shelves were stocked and dusted with logos out. Times have changed, and we now have mountains of consumer behaviors data that dictates the new and ever-evolving merchandising.

The infographic below gives us some highlights on the importance of merchandising and staying up to date on consumer psychology. No one is asking you to create studies and aggregate data. The truth is, someone has usually already done the hard lifting for you. What you do need to do, is stay informed with the latest resources like the Action Card blog and use that information to your advantage.

One of the top reasons consumers report poor customer satisfaction is associated with their perception of time waited. For the most part, we can’t help that customers will be in a line due to a technical issue, an expired coupon debate, or someone not showing up for their shift. No app can fix these things, but what we can do, is find ways to decrease the perception of time spent waiting. This infographic can help…

Retail Merchandising Strategies
Courtesy of: Lavi Industries Queue Management Systems

The information is here for the taking, are you using this data to your advantage? If you ignore all we know about consumer behaviors, you are missing out on opportunities that are really easy to cash in on.
Start simple, and emphasise consistency. As you upgrade your merchandising standards, update your mobile field visit software with the new specs. This way, every manager in every store is held to the same standards with built-in follow through and transparency.