Why Do People Love the Apple Store So Very Much?

Opening up that sleek, white box is pretty much a religious experience in the branding world. The store, the packaging, the branding, it’s all flawless and not a pixel of it is by chance. The Apple brand has been thoughtfully crafted and carried out with every detail of the brand experience considered.

At Action Card, that consistency is not wasted on us, it’s what we thrive on. It’s what we help other brands achieve with our field guide application. The science behind what makes a brand appealing and what instills brand loyalty in people is fascinating to us, and it’s what shapes the technology behind the Action Card app. So, naturally, we decided to dive into one of the branding consistency greats -The Apple Store.

Employees use an iPhone app to get all of the computer screens at the same, perfect angle. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but the angle was chosen to entice people to touch and move the screen to be usable for their own height. Brilliant.

You won’t get the boot for using the tech too long. Apple store customers aren’t given a time limit on playing with and using the Apple products on display. Apple wants their customers to get an “ownership experience”. Obviously, all stores are locked and loaded with the best internet money can buy and they make it free to their customers.

Every Apple device on display is ready to show off with the latest versions of the most popular apps. Again, this is part of creating that ownership experience. These are all the awesome things you can have access to with this device.

Even their sales language is consistent and thoughtful. Apple products have “benefits”, not “features”. And if you should have an issue, it’s not “unfortunate”, it has “turned out” a certain way.

Apple employees are hands-off. Meaning, they do not touch the display device a customer is using unless they ask. They want customers to experience the device for themselves, and again, Apple wants the customer to feel like they have ownership of the device in front of them. Mine, hands off.

Apple’s pay structure is non-traditional in their industry. No commission, no sales quotas, no promotion KPIs that lead to sad little pizza parties. Apple Geniuses are simply there to help and be informative.

We always want to stress that your brand is more than your logo and your color palette. Your brand is an experience. We like to take a holistic look at the brand experience and find ways to streamline it, create internal transparency around it and find opportunities to improve it.

You might not be ready for the intense branding standards that Apple lives by, but you are ready for more consistency and accountability. Let’s talk about what that looks like as part of the field visit process with Action Card.