11 Branding Stats Crazier Than Miley

It goes without saying, we here at Action Card love, love, love metrics. We thrive on using data and technology to help brick and mortars with their branding consistency, customer service and compliance issues. Compliance and consistency are no longer fringe investments, they are standard requirements to stay relevant in business today. Don’t believe us? Check out these stats…

U.S. brands are losing approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service.

There are 2.1 million negative social mentions about brands in the U.S. alone, every single day.

60% of US millennials expect consistent experiences when dealing with brands online, in-store, or by phone.

First impressions are formed in the first 10 seconds.

65% of 1,000 consumers surveyed said they’ve cut ties with a brand over a single poor customer service experience.

It takes 5-7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand.

The majority of 18-24s expect a consistent experience with brands across all channels and they access that information on multiple devices and offline.

Consumers are hit with 3,000 messages everyday from all marketing channels.

62% of the shoppers in a mass merchant study picked up items on impulse during their trip.

16% of unplanned purchases were driven by a display the shopper saw while shopping.

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