A Brand is More Than Your Logo…Much More

When someone says the word “brand”, we usually think about the aesthetic piece of the brand. A brand is more than colors, fonts, and logos. A brand is an experience -the look and flow of your facilities, the way you treat your customers, and the people you hire are all part of that experience that comes together to create the complete brand.

When you think of Jimmy John’s, you might automatically think about the friendly staff, all yelling “Welcome to Jimmy John’s!” in unison. Or, you might think about the time you were absolutely starving but had to send your sandwich back because it had mayo on it. Another person might instantly go on a rant about their sick leave policy. Every experience that shapes your brand is going to be different, and that is in part because you can’t control every aspect of each experience, but let’s talk about the aspects that you can control.

Customer Service

Zappos is the perfect example of a company building their brand on amazing customer service. They actually built their hiring process, training and company culture around offering the best customer service possible. When the customer interacts with service and/or support, this is a make it or break it moment for your brand. Is it part of your brand to make sure the customer leaves feeling valued? If your customer has to navigate through a frustrating, time consuming automated answering service, that’s your brand.


Your message, or voice, lives all around you. It’s in your email marketing, social media, commercials and signage. If you’re looking at Toms Shoes, their message is undoubtedly one of giving. They really brought the buy-one-give-one movement into the mainstream, making buying for a cause, popular. Awesome right? That’s what your message can do to your brand.

Your Facilities

We’ll be the first to acknowledge it -we talk about Aldi semi-often. We can’t help it! Their consistency is just on point. Some people would walk into Adli and see the facility as bare bones or lacking finesse. Aldi fans see it totally differently. Aldi is actually very meticulous about the layout and flow of every facility. You can walk into any Aldi around the world, and be able to navigate the store effortlessly. Sure, you’ll see boxes and pallets where the shelves should be, but that’s part of their stocking system that allows replenishment of products quickly and effortlessly.

Your brick and mortars, messaging and customer service are major aspects of your brand, but there is even more to it -the people you hire, the products you carry, the role your mission, vision and values play. That’s a lot! We’d like to help you take control of some of that with the right technology and support that facilitates consistency in your brand. Let’s talk about what that looks like for your brand..