Managing In-Store Promotions Across Multiple Locations 101

Even for established brands, a multi-location promotion can be tough to pull off. So, for those smaller franchises and chains that haven’t yet smoothed out all the kinks, a roll out like this can be downright impossible without the right leadership and tools.

The holidays are upon on us and if you haven’t already started planning your in-store promotions, you’re going to want to read this. Actually, either way, you’re going to want to read this.

Have a Dedicated Resource

Just like you have the branding guidelines for your company, you should have branding guidelines for each promotion. We’re talking color palette, fonts, flier layouts, social media images and logo variations. We’re also talking about breaking down the specifics of the promotion itself: dates, return policy, limits, whether it can be combined with other offers, etc. You will need a physical resource of information that lives online, as well as a point person your store managers can go to for questions and assistance. If your stores are left to their own devices to market this campaign, you can kiss branding consistency goodbye.

Have One Source for Marketing Materials

Even with drawn out guidelines, working with multiple marketing firms and multiple printing companies can result in multiple outcomes. That’s the opposite of what we’re going for here. Instead, find a printing distributor that can handle online orders and shipping for multiple locations. One source; one outcome. If you’re thinking that will cost more than working with different, local printing companies, circle back around with us when you’re tracking down invoices and trying to create a marketing materials/print budget.

Know Your Store Specs

It seems so common sense, but it’s an easy rookie mistake to make. You can’t simply order the same materials for all stores. Keep a file of your store specs, measurements and layouts. Don’t order 5 window decals for a store that has no windows. Don’t order a dozen XL promo tees for a store of petite ladies or an 11 foot display for a location with 8 foot ceilings. Be in contact with your stores about their individual needs.

Create Accountability and Foster Consistency

You can’t bounce around from store to store, lending assistance and approving promotions. Until very recently there wasn’t a tool companies with multiple locations could turn to manage consistency and hold locations accountable. Cue technology…now there’s Action Card.

The Action Card app, was designed as a mobile and web-based solution to eliminate time-consuming paper reviews, adding efficiencies to field visits. Users of the app are able to identify, track and reconcile action items critical to your compliance and brand standards. The application for multiple store promotions is a no-brainer.

The app allows users to take and share images of their store and share them with approved users. Now, the person overlooking the entire promotion, can see how each store is laid out and give feedback. They can also remotely review how ready the store, staff and management are with customizable reviews.

It looks like one store didn’t get their display set up accurately. You can actually create a follow through process for that through the app. A person is made accountable, and can rectify the issue with an image of the correct display.

While Action Card was created to optimize field visits, this technology is extremely helpful for managing multi-location promotions and checking in on brand consistency in general. Want to know more? Let’s talk..