3 New Brands That Are Uniquely Killing It

There are the Targets, Macy’s and Maybelline’s of the world that we’re all very familiar with. They have the strong advantage of an established brand and household name. However, there are several newer, lesser known brands that are quickly and firmly establishing their brands with a blend of unique and old school branding and marketing initiatives.


This third party, online vacation rental company recently rebranded and it’s fantastic. They do two things really well; they create strong brand awareness and they foster brand ambassadorship.

Airbnb frequently and consistently shares and creates several different types of online content: newsletters, blogs, videos, photo galleries, and special offers. They make it a point to be in front of their audience with helpful and visually stimulating content.

They are also allowing their guests and hosts to get in on their new, hot brand with their “Create Your Symbol” tool. They give their audience a fun and creative way to put their own spin on the  Airbnb brand. Click below to check it out.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.00.18 AM


This new online music streaming service had a stroke of genius when they paired streaming music with social media. When you enjoy a product or service, you recommend it or talk about it. Spotify built their service with their audience in mind. Spotify lets you connect with your social networks in an unprecedented way. Brand ambassadorship is built into their service! You can create and share playlists, see what your friends are listening to right now, follow friends in Spotify, and even see what songs are trending in your network. Users can create their own online community centered around music. From a marketing and TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) standpoint, it’s genius.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club came out of nowhere. They ship you new razor blades on a schedule so you’re never without a fresh razor. In all reality, it’s not much different than simply ordering razors through any old online retailer. However, their branding is what set them apart and got them a semi-household name.

They also do two things really well. First, convenience is part of their brand. Everything they do is centered around customer convenience. When your razors are about ship they send you an email about products you likely need, then all you have to do is click to add them to your order. Changing your ordering schedule is simple, instead of making the customer jump through hoops in the hopes of keeping that sale.

They also create fantastic, interesting content that isn’t overly salesy. In fact, much of the content they share is about their customers. When you get your new razors, an infographic style flyer comes with. This is where they highlight interesting things about their customers. Like Airbnb, they are pulling their customers into their brand, putting the focus on community rather than customer base. You can also see the community aspect of their brand on their blog, Bathroom Minutes, where they do write ups about interesting DSC members.

These cutting edge branding concepts mean very little without consistency. While these aren’t your traditional brick and mortar businesses, they have pop-up stores, events, digital marketing efforts, etc., that all highlight and promote the brand through consistency.

Want to know how you can create brand consistency with the likes of the best? We’ve got a tool for that….