Creating a Case to Propose a Formal Process for Field Visits

If you’re a field manager with your nose against the proverbial glass, dreaming of all the ways Action Card will make your life better, this one is for you. Action Card was built to make your life easier and we’re taking it one step further and giving you the information you need to get decision maker buy-in!

Saved Resources

Simply put, Action Card makes the field review process as efficient as it can be, and as we all know, improved efficiency results in saved resource. Notes, spreadsheets and clipboards are replaced by real images, real-time reporting, and objective, transparent scoring.

Reviewers can take and upload photos instead of reporting what they’re seeing and experiencing during the visit with copy, which can be confusing or vague when passed on. Then, the location being reviewed can reconcile issues through Action Card with notes and images. No back and forth. No lag time to collect notes, score and create reports. Instead of going back to the store for a follow-up, everything is handled digitally. Let’s just look at the return of that travel cost alone -that’s significant when multiplied across locations.

Built-in Accountability

So, who’s job was it to get the crack in the sidewalk fixed? That’s not even a scenario with Action Card. Action items are assigned a directly responsible individual for repair and follow-up. No part of the field visit process is vague, each step is deliberate and automated for maximum accountability.  

Increased Collaboration

The review process is no longer this strange, secret thing that happens in the store every once in awhile. Instead, Action Card encourages location staff to become part of the process. No more game of telephone that starts with the field manager and ends…who knows where. Collaboration brings everyone into the process, increasing accountability and fostering consistently better results through education and clear context.

Better Reporting

Action Card has infused the entire field visit process with robust technology that automatically generates user-friendly reports. From the easy to navigate Action Card dashboard, users are able to identify top performers, struggling locations, and important trends. Improved reporting is also used to strengthen recognition programs, leading to increased retention and employee engagement. Our reporting also improves the documentation of costly problem areas, drawing attention to these issues and in turn reducing the time to take action.

Process Transparency

The best part, from a higher-up’s perspective, is the total process transparency that Action Card offers. The customizable dashboard delivers every ounce of information available around the field visit process. Users are able to see which reviews are scheduled, the reviews that are currently in progress and what reviews have recently been completed, as well as action items that need resolution and those awaiting approval.

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