A Picture is Worth a Thousand Emails

Oh, the plight of the field manager. Currently, field visits aimed at maintaining brand consistency and ensuring compliance are, well…a nightmare. The list seems never ending -signage, menu boards, promotions, campaigns -and it goes on. Then, there are the stacks of notes, paper score sheets and information from endless email threads to organize, document and follow up on.

As resource-heavy and painful as field visits are, they are 100% necessary. Your customers look to your brand for consistency. They want to know they will have the same fantastic experience in Omaha as they get in Chicago. They want that familiarity, and that promise that you will deliver, consistently. Help field managers fulfill that brand promise by making field visits more efficient, more insightful and less resource consuming.

Plan of Attack

While the software behind Action Card is quite thoughtful and complex, the solution it offers is pretty simple -pictures. With the Action Card app, the reviewer can take and upload photos from their mobile device to document and help explain what they saw. Instead of subjective, written explanations, the reviewer, the manager and any go-betweens see the same image taken directly from the store.

Want to see this Action Card feature in action?

Objective, Centralized Scoring

Along with the images comes a mobile scoring tool. No more paper score sheets and scattered notes. Everyone involved in the process shares the same images, notes and scores. The information collected during the field visit is stored in the cloud, for centralized, organized, easy access. This tool adds transparency, which is especially nice for the location manager who might have questions or concerns regarding their scores.

Follow Up is a Breeze

Depending on the results of a review, physical follow up might not be necessary. The picture feature of Action Card makes it possible for the location being reviewed to reconcile and share action items with a picture as well. Fixing simple problems no longer takes an expensive and winding chain reaction of resources. Let’s just reflect on the ROI of this one aspect for a second…

Here’s what one Action Card user had to say,

“Action Card helps us reinforce the Scooter’s brand standards with our franchise owners and saves us time on the actual site visits. The reporting helps us better understand where to focus our efforts. Action Card’s customer support is outstanding and their staff have been collaborative and responsive. Any growing, multi-location business concerned with protecting their brand should consider this app.”

-Emily VonDollen, Franchise Support Administrator at Boundless Enterprises (Scooter’s Coffee)

Instead of the disjointed, paper-driven, inefficient process that field visits have always been, we’ve replaced it with pictures, centralized information and transparency. Our unique approach to compliance leaves time in the field for dialogue, collaboration and establishing trust. Would you like to know how this one feature of the Action Card app can simplify compliance and drive measurable outcomes from your field visits? Get the Action Card app here..