Action Card Hosting a Sprint Roundtable Discussion on Store Visits


 The Goal

On February 26th Action Card’s Kelly Grace will be hosting a roundtable discussion with Sprint wireless dealers on maximizing your field management efforts. We want to create a greater level of awareness among our Sprint Wireless clients and share what is and isn’t working for them. We will be discussing the kinds of challenges that are being faced by wireless dealers as well as what are best practices being adapted in regard to store visits. Our clients have frequently inquired about what their peers are doing on store visits. This will be a great opportunity for Sprint dealers to talk to each other about store visits.

What are We Reviewing?

We have  been asked on multiple occasions how other dealers use Action Card and specifically, what are they evaluating on visits. We want to hear about what you are looking for and challenge the as to why they evaluate the criteria they do?  There is also a great opportunity to talk about the best way to capture compliance data while supporting your stores and developing personnel. There may be different questions being asked that you didn’t think about and might benefit from. For example one review might ask sales oriented information such as“ Is the sales board up to date?” “ Are 1- 14 day follow up calls being completed?” We want to know why you are asking those questions and if it has helped with the end goal of customer satisfaction and revenue. We also want to discuss efficiency. Do you have redundant criteria? How do you accomplish as much as you can in the little time you have with each store. We hope to get as much information as possible to help other Sprint locations succeed and benefit from using Action Card.

 The Ideal Store Visit

What is an ideal store visit? It is always a good start to schedule a store visit to let others know when and what time you are coming so they aren’t taken off guard and to make sure they actually have the time to assist you when you have questions.  What do you look at? When something doesn’t comply with standards do you take a picture or  do you give a description.  What do you document? How do you integrate coaching opportunities in a compliance review and do you see it making a difference? Are surprise reviews a good idea?

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If you are interested in joining us for this call email Kelly at and in the subject line write Store Visits Call. Anyone is invited.

 Our Goal is to create conversation and learn how to maximize time in the field.