Action Card Evolution


Action Card is on the cusp of some significant changes. Today we’ll roll out our new website which more accurately represents the utility of the app, our customers’ needs and the collaborative nature of good field inspections. The re-design was largely done by Volano Solutions partner Don Stavneak and our talented development team. You’ll also have to check out our new promotional video which was lovingly constructed by our talented friends at Omaha Video Solutions. The design creates more clarity for multi-location companies who employ field management teams to visit and review their franchisees, store managers and owners in the field for brand standards compliance. We feel that you do not need to compromise a productive, communicative relationships with your locations at the expense of brand protection. Getting everyone in synch can be done with the approach in the field and a follow up.

Coming Soon

By the end of the month, Action Card users will also see some cool new features around our reporting tools. Our clients have shown us that they are hungry to utilize all of the data that they’re collecting on-site, regionally, by district and even down to the location level. Most of our clients have multiple inspections or reviews that they conduct and tracking trends, comparing performance and identifying issues that recur help them manage with more visibility and intent. We have strong reporting tools that are about to become even stronger, with more customizability and a simpler user interface. Stay tuned for that one.

Thought Leaders: Field Management

One of our goals at Action Card is to go beyond helping our clients and partners with their field review technology needs. We want to spearhead conversations and share best practices around relationship building, better communication and how your field managers can maximize the impact of their time at their respective locations. Our app is a great tool and we’re proud of it but at the end of the day, people are what drive revenue and customer satisfaction. We know that managers and owners understand that their brand standards are in place to increase customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition. We’d love to help our clients understand the best criteria to review and the best approaches to take in getting compliance from their locations. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.