6 Technologies Companies are Using to Get and Stay Ahead

Technology has become the backbone of business, regardless of industry. Technology brings efficiency and ease to disjointed, paper-based processes. Let’s talk about some of the more budget-friendly, easy to access and deploy technologies/innovations we’ve been seeing a lot of lately.


Shift Scheduling Tools

Step away from the spreadsheet that you’ve been copying and pasting for 4 years and join us in 2019. Shift scheduling tools are the smarter, more collaborative way to make sure you have all the right people in the right place at the right time. There are several on the market that make creating schedules easier through team collaboration. You can get a better handle on your labor costs, swapping shifts and requests off can be handled remotely, and best of all you won’t get any more texts asking for a picture of the schedule.


Self-Service Portals

These self-service portals are popping up everywhere, but our favorite usage of them can be spotted in the major convenience store chains for food ordering. These self-service portals cut down on wait times, use less of your labor, and eliminate errors and miscommunications that can occur when information is passed verbally. Be careful though, this type of technology has been getting a bad rep for carrying germs. We recommend offering sanitation wipes with systems like this.


Geofencing for Marketing

Have you ever driven past a store and received a notification about a sale or incentive on your phone? Geofencing is a great use of technology for marketing brick and mortars. Say your retail store is having a big sale, you can target people in your immediate area to alert them about the sale. There are some details around who you can reach of course, but the technology is really interesting and effective.



It is the dawn of the delivery era. Between the almighty Amazon, Postmates, and Grubhub,  services are popping up all over the place to deliver just about anything from a coffin to coffee. Seriously, a coffin. Restaurants and retail came first, but even gasoline providers will deliver in some states.


Project Communication Tools

We know there are about 74 different ways to communicate with your team, but can you really say you’re pleased with any of them? Especially when it comes to project work. There are some great project communication tools that allow you to start threads for specific projects or groups. It’s just nice to have an archive, or central location for your project communications to live. Email threads can get nearly impossible to organize and retrieve when you’re in the thick of it.   


Operations & Field Visit Apps

We saved the best for last. No joke, getting a cloud-based app to streamline your operations and field visit processes is a game-changer. And it just so happens that we offer the best on the market at a price point that works for small businesses, with the robust technology that works on the enterprise level.






Real-Time Communication



Many of our clients find that they can replace so many outdated processes with the Action Card app that they are rolling it out organization-wide and doing so over a short period of time. The Action Card app helps teams promote transparency through embracing technology and leaving outdated paper-based operations in the past.


Want to know more about how your team can benefit from Action Card tech? We would love to connect with you. Reach out or sign up for a demo and let’s start transforming your operations.