Action Card Updates! Coming September 14th


Action Card has made life a lot easier for many organizations: speeding up the compliance, inspection process, making reviews easier to conduct, and most importantly, facilitating the collaboration of all levels of management.  We take pride in our work and value every opportunity to grow and develop our product.  In our newest version of Action Card, the following features have been added:

  1. Brand-new Action Center
  2. Action Item enhancements
  3. Action Item Tracking Center


Action Center


tracking up

A modified, enhancement of Location Items.  Not only can you appoint Action Items to one or more locations, but you can also send them to individuals or groups of users.  Action Center also houses an interactive, graphical report, allowing users to track the status of each message:  Pending, Awaiting Response, Approved and Rejected. The ability to attach files and set follow up dates still remain.

Be on the lookout for a training video very soon!

Action Items



In addition to the enhanced approval and rejection process, we have added the capability to enter notes fostering further collaboration between all parties. For management, we have added the functionality to include notes upon rejection of an Action leaving no questions or stone un-turned.

Tracking Center



The updated home screen tracking window will now give you the capability to navigate between each stage of the review process. This view will also include access to your most recent messages received into the Action Center. Visually you will be reminded of items with a handy-dandy bright, red starburst.


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