Action Card 2.2 Gearing Up For Release

This weekend we will be testing our latest Action Card version release, Action Card 2.2. We’re excited about the new features and extremely appreciative of our clients who challenged us to continually innovate and make the app better for them. After testing you’ll get word from me that the newest version is live with tips on how to maximize the new features. We wanted to give you a sneak peak at what’s coming. If you haven’t already, your field managers can download the native app now for free and conduct reviews with ease in areas with poor connectivity.

Look for the Action Card Native App Free in the App Store and Google Play

Look for the Action Card Native App Free in the App Store and Google Play

Standalone Action Items

One of the most requested feature enhancements from our users was the ability to submit an action item without having to do a review. Clients wanted the ability to send out an action item to a group or individual and track the completion of that item through Action Card. This suggestion made total sense to us and came from several clients. You’ll see it with Action Card 2.2 in October. More centralized, transparent communication breeds accountability.



Additional Users at the Location Level

2.2 will allow you the ability to set up employees at the location so that owners and managers can share reviews, assign action items for completion and incorporate their teams into the process of driving standards and consistency. This change will empower location managers and help them manage their own internal compliance. This is part of the “teach a man to fish and he’ll never be hungry” philosophy or getting all levels of your organization in tune with the checklist items that define your culture, expectations and drive customer retention.

Action Item Approval Workflow

Action Card 2.2 will also give your regional managers and reviewers the ability to approve completed action items. This will help ensure that completed action items at the location level get seen by the reviewer. We didn’t want people to be able to “reconcile” an action item without doing the task required. This will actually help save time. Instead of reviewers going back into completed reviews to spot check defined action items, they’ll have a queue of reconciled action items on their home screen that they can view and archive. Less admin and more revenue-driving activity.

The Long Term

The Action Card development team has a list of exciting enhancements that will keep us busy in Q4. We’ll continue to work on enhancing the user experience, adding industry specific standardized review templates and will always strive to listen to our clients and support this technology with the same dedication and focus you have on supporting your clients. As we continue to grow, we want Action Card to help you enhance your customers’ experience and help bring clarity and simplicity to your people.