Action Card Releases Version 2.1

Last week Action Card quietly released the latest version of our field management compliance app. Clients are already enjoying the native app which is available in the Apple Store and Google Play for Android tablets. Version 2.1 added features that will help save more time and ensure that your reviews are actually being done on-site. We’re excited about the value this will provide to managers, Action Card administrators and any users viewing reports.

 Geo-Locator Button

Many of our wireless retail clients wanted to make sure their field managers were on-site at the time their reviews and audits were conducted. We added a geo-locator button on the Action Card native app that pinpoints a regional or district manager’s physical location at the time of the review with the press of a button. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they “completed” the review from their couch during Monday Night Football.


 Condensed Summary Review

Version 2.1 includes a new summary review option. If your reviews have a lot of checklist items and result in 25 pages when you download them, the new summary review option cuts that in half, focusing on category heading scores and pending action items. You can still look at the entire review but now you have a quick-glance option that captures the story of that visit.



 Cleaner Review Upload Screens

Action Card is extremely easy to use but takes a few minutes to set up. Adding your reviews into Action Card can take some time so we made it easier to cut-and-paste your site review checklist items into the system. As always, we offer to help our clients upload their reviews as well. Once your reviews, teams, users and locations are set up, you’re ready to kiss paper goodbye.


Feedback from CTIA

Last week we were in Las Vegas for CTIA. Many of our clients our multi-location wireless retail dealers across carrier channels. It was great seeing clients and prospective clients and having the opportunity to showcase Action Card. We came away with some great feedback. Future feature enhancements will include the following:

  • Action Item Creation without Reviews (assign action items for completion to individuals or groups)
  • Electronic Document Signature for employee performance reviews
  • Integration capabilities with existing client data and dashboard
  • Reverse Action Item creation (your store managers and franchisees can send action items for review and reconciliation to their managers and field representatives)


Action Card's Kelly Grace at CTIA

Action Card’s Kelly Grace on the Scene at CTIA