Action Card Hosting First Wireless Round Table Discussion


On Wednesday August 20th Action Card will host a conference call with Sprint Wireless dealers, discussing how to maximize store visits. The group will consist of owners, c-level operational executives and regional field managers. The response to the virtual round table idea was very positive and we found a genuine desire among wireless retailers to make sure they are driving Sprint standards and best practices at all of their stores.

 Transparency and Accountability

One of the issues that field managers struggle with is following up with store managers on compliance issues that came up during the visit. Tracking whether or not those items were reconciled can be difficult and memories fade fast when the reviewers move on to the next location. One of the goals of this call will be to share best practices and find out how to best manage compliance standards when you can’t be at the store every day. This also ties in with coaching and employee development, a requirement for field managers who are challenged with the task of selling, encouraging, teaching and dropping the occasional hammer to ensure stores are doing the model.

Defining Standards

Action Card has had the unique opportunity to review and upload multiple wireless dealers’ standards reviews. We’re looking forward to creating a forum for dealers to discuss why they pick the criteria they do to review their stores and how adherence to those standards ties in to revenue and customer satisfaction. Compliance reviews should look at objective, measurable and clearly defined criteria. Subjectivity and open-ended checklist items lead to conflict and allow personalities to overshadow processes. We’re looking forward to gaining a better understanding of what works and which standards are meaningful contributors to exceeding sales goals..