Action Card in the News

Action Card partners Rod Smith and Don Stavneak

Action Card partners Rod Smith and Don Stavneak

What We Do

Action Card was featured recently in the Midlands Business Journal. Check out the article when you have some time. Custom software can be an abstract topic and the MBJ did a good job of crystalizing what we do here.


Like any business, communication is the central component for success. Action Card believes that building custom software should be a collaborative process and backs that up operationally. Our software developers lead regular iteration meetings with our clients to ensure that the code we are writing produces the intended result that our clients need to see in their daily business. We are able to leverage our experience building like systems and our long history with workflow management to provide a high level of business consultation as well. We’re good at the Big Picture.

Workflow Management

The article mentions Action Card’s goal of becoming more diversified in our business model.  Product sales will be instrumental in achieving this goal and Steelwool will be the catalyst. Steelwool was designed to help small businesses that may not quite have the appetite for custom software but need a system to help manage and track the steps in their work process. We are looking for specific industries that have repeatable processes, specialized teams or people and need increased visibility into work status. By reinforcing the steps in your business process, Steelwool provides clarity to users. Everyone knows what they need to do and where things are at in your process. The ability to upload and store documents and photos allows users to work anywhere and gives owners peace of mind.  We also continue to develop Action Card, our mobile site review app for franchises and are excited about the 2014 launch at the IFA Convention in New Orleans.

Open Door Policy

The key to Action Card’s continued growth goes beyond technical aptitude. Being based out of the Midwest, in a city that boasts five Fortune 500 companies and rewards innovation, we’ve staked our business on exceptional service and support. We’ve defined success in how useful the systems are that we build for our clients and we see that in the amount of ad hoc work we continue to get from them as they grow. That starts with our company culture which has been well documented in these blogs. Come play darts with us Friday afternoon and learn more about what we do.