New Feature Release – November 2019

We’re at it again! Our latest release was focused on enhancing the Review process and communications that result from those visits. Here’s an outline of the new additions:

  1. Summary Reporting PDF

  2. Reporting Indicators

  3. Reporting API

Summary Reporting PDF

action card summary pdf report

The summary report has been refreshed to give the reviewer much more detail surrounding the performance as it relates to that review template and the location in which they reviewed. Some highlights on the new summary report include:

– Category scoring breakdown

– Previous review score, location-based review form average and company review form average

– Past 5 reviews for the location

– Action item grid for this visit

– Repeat offenses which calculates which question has been missed consecutively over the past # of visits.

If you need a reminder on where to access the Summary PDF, here is a example on the navigation.

– On the review screen within the “Actions” menu, you can select “Summary PDF”

summary pdf navigation

Reporting Indicators

A minor enhancement but powerful visual reminder on each question if they were missed or scored less than full credit during the review process. This can help a user pin point the items that were missed and focus their attention on those items.

In the below example, the question about Entryway doors was missed by the store and they earned 0 out of 5 points for that question. The question was marked with an “X” to notate less than full credit.



Reporting API

Your IT team will thank you for mentioning this! Many clients have asked for a way to tie into our data without having to access the platform from the web login. We have now rolled out reporting that can be accessed via API so the data can be pulled into a data warehouse outside of Action Card.

Reach out directly to your Client Success Manager for more details.