Action Card Feature Spotlight – Document Library

Checklists, Oh My!

As most multi-unit operators can attest – we have mountains of data, spreadsheets, checklists, forms, documents, planograms, 3-ring binders (I could go on and on!) to help in the day to day management of our businesses. Each of these have their purpose and are quite important to ensure quality and consistent operations, but as our operations and business needs change – so do our processes and forms. In this hectic, fast-paced world – many times changes and the documentation that may accompany these updates are communicated via an email chain forever lost amongst “Inbox land”.

Ease of Access

How do we correctly and accurately distribute these tools to our field teams to ensure they are readily available? It’s about availability and simplicity, we need to make it easy and reduce the amount of steps to access and future maintenance and upkeep. From Operations management to field/location support teams, it is about the efficient use of resources and ultimately – TIME. Every minute of our day counts and time spent searching the desktop for a file saved down randomly, could be spent on the floor speaking with the customer or coaching an associate. How can Action Card help with this you may ask? Keep reading!!

Action Card Document Library

Action Card clients are currently using the Library are storing a ton of information which is readily available and can be updated at the click of a button. Here are some of the uses:

 – Associate and Team member training videos

 – Checklists – Opening, Closing, Quality Control and Food Safety

 – Planograms and Inventory Reports

Check out a quick video outlining the Library: