The Gap Between Written Standards and the Adherence in the Field

Action Card Franchise Industry Survey Reveals Massive Gap Between Customer Experience Expectation and Execution


A recent Action Card franchise industry survey revealed that nearly 40 percent of franchisees were not delivering consistent customer experiences across locations and touch points, yet 100 percent of franchisors consider consistency across their organization important or extremely important.


Omaha, Neb. (February 16, 2014) – A recent Action Card survey sent to more than 200 franchisees revealed a disconnect between what franchisors recognize as extremely important – delivering a consistent customer experience across all locations and touch points – and the consistent experience is actually delivered by their franchisees.


“I have experienced first-hand the challenge of creating a consistent customer experience across multiple locations,” shared Action Card franchise consultant. “Seeing that disconnect of what corporate expects – consistency – and what franchisees deliver is precisely the problem Action Card exits to solve.”


Action Card is a mobile application that is currently used by Godfather’s Pizza, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and several other franchises. It allows franchisors and franchisees to easily identify and track brand standards across the entire organization from a mobile or tablet device in order to achieve a consistent customer experience throughout all locations. Developed by franchise industry veterans, Action Card helps both corporate staff and franchisees ensure brand standards are met in a timely manner through the collaborative evaluation process.


By the Numbers

  • 36 percent did not agree that their customers and potential customers have a consistent experience with their organization across all touch points and franchisees.
  • 82 percent of franchisors said it was extremely important and 18 percent said it was important is for customers and potential customers to have a consistent experience with your brand across all touch points.


Of the franchise organizations surveyed, the following percentages are actively working to improve these areas within the next 12 months:

  • 73 percent – understanding the consistency at which our franchisees operate
  • 55 percent – alignment across organizational teams
  • 45 percent – adaptability with which our franchisees operate
  • 81 percent – increase franchisee compliance to brand standards


Find Action Card at IFA 2014

Action Card will be presenting a Fast Talk, “How to Consistently Achieve Your Ideal Customer Experience,” at IFA Convention in New Orleans on Monday, Feb. 24 at 2 p.m., you can meet the Action Card team and learn more about achieving customer consistency during these Fast Talks at booth No. 1239..