Jet Mobile is a trusted and preferred retailer for Sprint. Customers can enjoy Jet Mobile kiosks as well as traditional brick and mortar stores, many of which are supplied with Sprint Phone Repair Centers staffed with skilled, professional service techs. Their goal is to provide customers with high quality Sprint products and services at convenient locations with the best customer service in the mobile industry. Like many of our clients, Jet Mobile has roots here in Nebraska, but quickly grew to include locations in California, Iowa, and Nevada.



Jet Mobile was facing the same problems as the rest of the mobile retail industry, especially as they started to grow. Firstly, managing and reporting on ever-changing store layouts is time consuming. And as we all know in business, that also equates to costly. Secondly, working with a brand as renowned as Sprint, every Jet Mobile location is held up to extremely high branding standards. Consistency with the entire brand experience is vital for them. Lastly, Jet Mobile leaders were getting bogged down with being the point person for multiple managers and locations. Generally speaking, in the mobile industry there is no shortage of elements that require consistent and constant attention.



Jet Mobile needed a solution to their multiple operations and branding compliance woes, and Action Card was the answer. In the retail world, the layout, presentation, or flow of a store are major elements of the branding experience. Customers want to enter an organized, clean and welcoming environment. Furthermore, they want to know what to expect from your brand, making the consistency of merchandising and layout, vital to nail. So, Jet Mobile managers utilize Action Card’s image capture and share feature. Store managers can take images of their store and share them instantly, creating accountability around merchandising and branding consistency. When this element of management was paper or email based, there was no sense of urgency and the lack of transparency didn’t encourage managers to stress the importance of compliance and consistency.

Jet Mobile also notes their customized library as one of their most used Action Card features. As mentioned, Jet Mobile district managers were being bogged down with daily, even hourly, questions from location managers. Now that these location managers are able to easily access and reference an information library, they no longer have to rely on their regional managers so heavily. This is essentially their virtual documents, policies and procedures hub. Instead of answering the same questions several times, managers can be directed to this easy to access, easy to navigate feature on the Action Card app.

Finally, Jet Mobile’s partners at Sprint have the peace of mind of knowing Jet Mobile managers have a seamless, effective solution to the everyday dilemmas they face in the mobile retail industry. This Action Card app represents assurance that the Sprint brand is being represented as it should.


“I can speak to our Director of Operations, he loves this, because in terms of merchandising, and seeing what accessories are on what walls, he can have the managers upload pictures in real time and have eyes in every single store, any day he wants.”
-Joshua Hample, V.P. of Sales -Jet Mobile