I love this app but I also like to work with real people. How good are you guys with your own customer support?

It would be hypocritical to offer you a tool made to enhance your customers’ experience and not offer that same outstanding customer support to you. You can reach out to us at 402-934-3733 Monday through Friday or e-mail is at Support@actioncardapp.com. We would love to hear your ideas on how to improve the Action Card concept and can help educate your staff on conducting and accessing reviews as you get started..

Can I change questions, categories and reviews?

Yes. Action Card allows you to modify reviews, change the language or weighting on checklist items and make changes to the category headings on your reviews. However, we recommend re-naming existing items instead of deleting and creating new ones. Your reporting will look for all of the activity done during your specified date range. For simplicity, it is easier to consolidate like criteria instead of measuring the multiple ways you titled the same metric..

How do we see and approve reconciled Action Items?

The manager who is in charge of the location(s) that reconciled action items will see a queue on the right hand side of their screen titled “Awaiting Approval.” They can open the action item and reject or approve the action item..

Where do users see Action Items that need to be reconciled?

On the right hand side of their home screen there is a queue titled “Awaiting Approval” for users who have outstanding Action Items..

How do I send an action item to a location, region or my network without doing a review?

On your home screen, scroll down on the right hand side of your screen to “Location Items.” Click the white and green plus sign. Select who you want to send the Action Item to, title it and write down what the action is that needs to be reconciled in the description text field. Assign a due-date and click “submit.”.

How do I geo-locate my position?

When you log into Action Card’s native app and go into “offline” mode, click on “Actions” in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Next, click “Check In Location.” This will mark your position on-site for the review you’re doing..

How does the Native App work?

After you download the native app, you’re ready to go. As long as you’ve been set up as a user, simply click on the Action Card icon on your tablet, and log in with your e-mail address and your password. It will take you right to your home screen. You’ll see scheduled, in progress and recently completed reviews as well as outstanding Action Items. Make sure that you click the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen before you start a review. Click “Go Offline.” You may now do reviews without wireless connectivity, taking photos and adding notes as you normally would. Once you completed and submitted the review, click the menu icon again and then click, “Sync to Server.” The review and action items will then be available in the cloud to all relevant users..

What is the difference between the web application of Action Card and the “Native App?”

The web application is simply the Action Card cloud-based app working from your browser. The native app is accessible in the app store (Google Play and Apple) and allows reviews to be completed in areas with spotty wireless connectivity. Use key words “Action Card Mobile” and make sure you scroll down the page and look for the white checkmark icon. The native app does not currently have all of the administrative functions and is meant primarily for field managers to use when scheduling and conducting reviews..

What if I simply want to collect information on this review and am not checking a yes or no item?

When adding a checklist item on your review, simply leave off the answer types. A note field will still exist and the question will carry no weight on your review but will still allow you to collect information and if need be, add a document or photo..

Can I add more than one user for my locations?

Yes. You can add as many users as you like and associate them with the regions and locations to which they are responsible..