We were very excited to work with the unique, quick casual dining concept, PepperJax. PepperJax is widely known as the place to snag a quick, delicious philly cheese steak sandwich. Launched locally, PepperJax has been donned “America’s Best Philly”. Not only did owner, Gary Rohwer, patent his unique vertically sliced, quick cooking Philly steak meat, he implemented this popular brand experience in which you don’t order from a server or a cashier, but directly from the person cooking up your meal. With freshly baked rolls, a 30 year old family secret seasoning recipe, gourmet rice bowls, giant burritos, loaded nachos, and fresh salads, PepperJax has firmly made a place for itself among the major casual dining concepts of America.


The food, the service, the atmosphere? They have all that down. Operations and branding consistency were a bit of a different story. When Action Card got the opportunity to team up with PepperJax they were still conducting pen to paper store audits. From conception, Rohwer has never been satisfied with the mediocre or standard in his organizations. So, when store audits were falling short and needing a shove into the digital world, in came Action Card. Traditional paper based store audits were leaving their leaders unable to easily compare results and note trends to help managers and locations improve. Furthermore, brand consistency and safety compliance were tough to enforce and maintain in any actionable or timely way.


Action Card brought a level of efficiency and transparency to PepperJax’s store audits that made reporting and follow through seamless. The lag time and disconnect experienced with their paper based audit process are now hard to imagine. Today, PepperJax managers are able to report and share audit results instantly on the cloud based Action Card app. They are able to spot trends with the user-friendly dashboard reporting, and they now have the power to recognize strengths and weaknesses across a territory.

Beyond providing a solution to their store audit issues, they were able to go further with the wide array of customizable options the Action Card app offers. They added their own Shift Assessments and Condition of Close reports for transparent and timely reporting of the day-to-day operations and brand experiences. Within these add-ons they discovered that the ability to capture and share images in real-time brought increased awareness and accountability to areas where improvements or actions are called for.

PepperJax management also implemented their Safety Inspections through Action Card to insure OSHA compliance with an online portal that is accessible at any time from anywhere. When inspectors or representatives visit a store, management is now able to quickly and easily provide a history to prove they actively participate in safety compliance and take it seriously.


“We have definitely gotten more from Action Card than we ever expected. Their system is easy to use and provides opportunities for customized tools beyond simple audits.”
-Erin Palladino, Chief Operating Officer -PepperJax Grill

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