5 Convenience Store Trends to follow in 2020

The new year has come and with it predictions of growth in the convenience store industry. These 5 c-store trends are hot topics for operators and hold massive potential to help you grow in 2020 and beyond.   1. Quality Before Quantity Halfway through the 2010s, the retail and grocery industries… Read More

7 Ways to Nail Down Franchise Compliance

A successful franchise delivers a consistent brand experience for customers and a clear vision across their franchisee network. Consistency starts with well-defined standards and a strong commitment to ensuring compliance at every level of the company and every franchise location.  When a gap opens up between franchisor and franchisee, it… Read More

Is Instant Pay for Employees a Positive or Negative to Restaurants?

Some restaurants, mostly national fast-food chains, are making instant payments available to employees as a new option to receive their wages.  Where previous payment methods like checks and automatic deposits can take up to two weeks on average to fully disperse a lump sum to workers’ accounts, instant payments allow… Read More

Why Creating & Maintaining Positive Culture is Important to Successful Franchising

Company culture is the personality of a business. It exemplifies how your employees work and engage with customers. Aspects of company culture include the vision leadership has for the business all the way down to daily operations. These elements can lead to a positive or negative culture.  Positive company culture… Read More

How Retailers Can Increase Foot Traffic

You’ve probably heard it at one point or another – Amazon is going to put small businesses out of business. That isn’t true. Consumer purchasing habits have just changed. In-store shopping is still a very significant portion of the retail industry and bringing customers into your store should be a… Read More

Loyalty Programs – No Longer Just a Coupon

Consumers want their favorite brands and purchasing habits at the tips of their fingers – literally. The modern convenience store shopper is likely to have a number of mobile apps on their smart-phones specifically developed to allow price checking, sale and discount updates, and mobile-payment options. Convenience Store News details… Read More

5 Most Important Retail KPIs

Key performance indicators or KPIs are measurements of data used to track important processes, efficiency, company growth, customer engagement and many other patterns. Every industry has unique KPIs that inform business leaders of the direction their business is moving – positive or negative. KPIs are best utilized to understand whether… Read More

How Do Consumers Define Convenience?

Merriam-Webster defines “convenience” as something that is “designed for quick and easy preparation or use”. Traditionally, for business owners, location has created convenience. The soul of convenience stores is built on their ability to serve people and communities closest to them. Rarely will you find a convenience store plopped in… Read More

Patio Season is Back: Liven Up Your Outdoor Dining Space

Summer time means excellent weather and customers that want to enjoy a meal and a cool drink on the patio of their favorite restaurant. Generally, restaurants see sales rise quickly during the warmer months, up to 30% – but is your restaurant’s patio space ready to provide an inviting atmosphere… Read More

Creating Retail & C-Store Accessibility with ADA Compliance

61 million adults with disabilities are estimated to live in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that 1 in 4 adults have a form of disability and each ranges in severity. These conditions can affect a person’s mobility, cognition, hearing and vision, making living… Read More