Is Your Visual Merchandising On Point?

Visual merchandising is yet another piece of the very intricate puzzle that is the customer experience. You can create an impact, increase sales, and strengthen customer loyalty with thoughtful visual merchandising. With a few simple suggestions from Action Card, you can increase product awareness for each person who walks through… Read More

Are You Flushing Customers Down the Toilet? Let’s Talk Restrooms

Let’s talk restrooms, everyone’s favorite topic. Did you know that an average of 10% of convenient or gas station customers use the restrooms? While clean restrooms don’t prove the same lure as a promotion or special offering, they are a huge opportunity in the customer experience to create a fan… Read More

6 Technologies Companies are Using to Get and Stay Ahead

Technology has become the backbone of business, regardless of industry. Technology brings efficiency and ease to disjointed, paper-based processes. Let’s talk about some of the more budget-friendly, easy to access and deploy technologies/innovations we’ve been seeing a lot of lately.   Shift Scheduling Tools Step away from the spreadsheet that… Read More

5 Resolutions to Inspire Your Staff

It’s time to set your professional resolutions. Have you given them much thought? We have! Action Card vibes strongly with resolutions because we’re all about improvement and evolution. Whether it’s our professional growth or yours, we want to be part of it. So here are some resolutions we thought of… Read More

‘Tis the Season to…Prevent Shoplifting

Loss prevention is something every brick and mortar faces, especially during the holidays. In fact, shoplifting is a $6 billion problem for retailers. This is the time of year that business owners have to be able to lean on their staff. Retail Expert Francesca Nicasio claims that employees are indeed… Read More

10 Quotes About the Customer Experience From the Pros

It’s no secret that here at Action Card we obsess over the customer experience. We are constantly researching what makes a great customer experience, how to offer it most efficiently, and how to stay on the cutting edge.   Your company likely has someone in charge of marketing, and someone… Read More

How to Keep Your Field Team Happy and More Efficient While On the Road

“Happy” and “More Efficient” seem like two different topics, right? Well, after years in the field management arena, we’ve found that these two things have several ties. The efficiency of processes and communications go really far in mitigating employee disengagement, frustration in the field, and discouragement caused by ineffective processes…. Read More

Why Do Consumers Choose and Stay with a C-Store?

There is no lack of c-stores in our cities and along our highways. Consumers have the luxury of choosing from a couple, if not several c-stores with each daily commute. So what makes them cross the street to go to one or drive past the other?   Let’s take a… Read More