Improving Your In-Store Environment in 7 Steps

There is a lot that affects purchasing decisions, some we have control over and some we don’t. Obviously, we want to talk about what you can control, your store! The in-store experience is a major piece of the overall brand. Are you fostering that brand, or diluting it? The in-store… Read More

How Action Card and Godfather’s Pizza Teamed up for Success

Godfather’s has been a wildly successful franchise since its inception in the early 70s. Expansion happened quickly, and when that happens it can be tough to ensure consistency across all locations, manage marketing initiatives, and collaborate with leadership. Basically, their field visit operations weren’t sustainable for the scale Godfather’s Pizza… Read More

Small But Mighty: How SMBs Can Compete with the Big Dogs

It can be tough for small- and medium-sized businesses to keep up with customer expectations. Whatever brick and mortar industry you’re part of, there are probably a few established companies who can offer enterprise-level products and services. SMBs don’t have the same resources, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide… Read More

The Power of Mobility in Your Field Visit Ops

Mobility is all around us, every second of the day. Try to think of the last time you were without a cell phone, tablet or laptop. Can you even think of a time within the last six months? And while most of us have a love-hate relationship with our devices,… Read More

Introducing Action Card 3

Finally! The roll out of Action Card 3.0 is complete and we want to share with you some of the new features that we’re most excited about. With this update we really wanted to focus on giving Action Card users the freedom of seamlessly working on any device they choose…. Read More

4 Tools to Safeguard Your Online Brand

Every business can benefit from the power of social media, online marketing, and the like. Information, opinions and reviews about your business are going to pop up online whether you have established an online presence or not. So you have a choice: you can gain control of your online presence… Read More

This Is What You Do Again, and Again, and Again to Establish Your Brand

The great brands didn’t get there by chance; they got there with a lot of thoughtful work, and let’s not forget about innovation. Ford wouldn’t still be around if they decided the Model-A was good enough, right? It doesn’t take a million dollar marketing budget to solidify a brand (although… Read More

How to Build a Brand That Grows Without You

Well, not totally without you, but we do want to talk about the power of automation, delegation, and technology. You’ve likely got 1,000 things on your to-do list, so what do you say to taking a few of those off the list? That’s what Action Card helps you and your… Read More

Refining Your Brand with Action Card

To start, consistency and stagnation are not one in the same. Consistency isn’t meant to keep you in one place, it’s meant to be a driving factor. While the brains behind Action Card focus on consistency, growth and improvement are also pillars of our product and service. In business, “set… Read More

Why Do We Harp on Consistency?

In the branding world, the difference between good and great is consistency. So, why do we harp on consistency? We want to help build great brands. It’s as simple as that. No great brand started great though. Consistency by definition implies a time span. Boring and consistent are too often… Read More