5 Ways Field Managers can Promote Success

Field management can be a very fulfilling career, but at times it can be very difficult.  Finding the right balance in authority and friendliness often poses a challenge.  We’ve come up with five behaviors that field managers can exhibit to add value to their business.

Think business. Field managers should focus helping their locations grow in sales, profitability, marketing, and make sure they understand their numbers.  Be open to sharing what is working for them and what’s not.

Be reliable. Successful field managers need to be organized, both reactive and proactive, and hold up their end of the bargain.  Always arrive prepared when performing field visits.

Be involved. Engage your locations by being considerate, staying positive and provide resolutions when appropriate.  People are more willing to meet with someone who is motivated, easy to talk to, and can provide constructive criticism.

Communicate efficiently and effectively. Successful field managers are straightforward and help simplify communication.  Keeping your locations informed by being knowledgeable of anything that might affect their business, positively or negatively, is a key attribute.

Care. Calling to check in and actively listening to the concerns of your locations is crucial.   Successful field managers who have the intention of attaining success goes a long way, but it starts with simply caring about the well-being of your locations..