Meet Charlie Nunn

Action Card is excited to announce the addition of Charlie Nunn, who will fill the role of Client Success Manager.  Charlie will be assisting customers to expand their usage and adoption of Action Card, providing resources to answer questions, identifying needs for customization, and ensuring customers are satisfied and expectations are realistic.


Hey, everyone! My name is Charlie Nunn and I’m so thrilled to be welcomed as part of the Action Card team.  I absolutely can’t wait to get the ball rolling and begin my work supporting and furthering the success of all our current and future clients!

So, Charlie, tell me a bit about yourself…

I am an Omaha native (go Skers!) and couldn’t be happier with what opportunities have been presented to me here in the great state of Nebraska. When I’m not working, I enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping and bike riding, but second to work, golf takes up most of my free time.  I also coach a boys’ soccer team at my former Catholic elementary school and volunteer at the Nebraska Humane Society.

 What did you do before working here?

Another great question, glad you asked. I previously worked for one of the top wireless communications companies in the nation, as a retail wireless consultant.  I bring to the table lots of sales experience as well as customer support.  Prior to that, I spent a few years in the restaurant business, doing everything from cooking/ food prep to operations.

 Why did you decide to join the Action Card team?

I have a passion for providing the best customer experience possible. I’ve witnessed first-hand how important the customer is to the success of a business.  My goal is to take all my experiences, good and bad, and mold them into the most effective and efficient way to manage current and future clients.  I look forward to using my creativity and goal-driven mindset to not only supporting what clients Action Card currently has, but to further the success of those clients in addition to adding new ones in the process!